Services within the Seme4 Platform generally operate in accordance with the principles of RESTful web services and/or Linked Data best practices for accessing structured data on the web.

The Linked Data is an instance of the LinkedDataPublisherFromSparql, which provides linked data publishing from a SPARQL endpoint

You can interact with it using the following methods.


Default service homepage, giving description, licence and other information.


(text/html) calls function homepage()


Render linked data as appropriate for the requested URI


(text/html, application/rdf+xml, text/turtle, text/ntriples, text/plain, application/ld+json) calls function publish()
Do it: /id/


Default service status page.


(text/html, application/json) calls function show_status()


Usage page - renders the description you are currently reading :)


(text/html, application/json) calls function usage()