account type Total exemption small
age at2015-05-01 10 years 11 months
companies house source 05146461
country UK
description Seme4 uses world leading experience, knowledge and resources to help business utilise powerful and emerging Web 3.0 technology. It provides consultancy and education, app building and design and RDF conversion
incorporated date 2004-06-07
label Seme4
odi membership unaffiliated
open data usage description Worked with Hampshire Council Hampshire using CSV files provided by the Council, and geospatial Shapefiles from a variety of sources, to link the data with other sources, such as, and produce the services and visualisations available on the Seme4 platform
registered address postcode W1D3QL
registered company name Seme4 Ltd
same as 05146461
sic code1 Other information technology service activities
sic1Ons class Information & communication
trading name Seme4
trading status Active
type Company
uk company number 05146461
uk company type private-limited-company