The ODI has published a research report, Research: Open data means business, along with a Google sheet of Open Data Companies.

It seemed a nice idea to map the companies and make the data accessible as 5 ★ Open Data. so we have loaded the company data into a Linked Data store with a SPARQL endpoint, and made the identifiers into URIs that resolve, such as

We have also used the UK postcodes to plot the companies on a map:

The original data has a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) licence which requires that we give appropriate credit to the source, as above. No changes have been made to the data, only the representation. The data has been augmented with latitude and longitude information where possible, and also identifying URIs.

Notwithstanding the original CC BY 4.0 licence on the content, we waive all rights on anything we have done, so a CC0 1.0 applies.
(Hopefully, someone from the ODI can tell me if this is wrong!)

This is all a little rough-and-ready, just to see what it looks like, and see if anyone wants to use it. If you do, and want any changes, please ask.

For further information please contact Hugh Glaser, Chief Architect or Ian Millard, Senior Technologist at Seme4 Ltd (